IChemE announces annual medal winners

Article by Adam Duckett

TWENTY-SIX chemical engineers have been recognised by the IChemE Medals and Prizes Committee for their contributions to the profession.

John McAndrew, of Stantec, New Zealand, has been awarded the Ambassador Prize. He is a committed ambassador for IChemE and has had significant involvement in the globalisation of the Institution’s Water Special Interest Group (SIG).

Colin Webb, University of Manchester, UK, will receive two medals this year: the Council Medal for instigating the work of the Qualifications Commission (commonly called the Webb Commission), which addressed the need to substantially transform the Institution's qualifications processes; and the Donald Medal, for his contribution to biochemical engineering.

For their joint contribution towards regular IChemE publications on water issues, Richard Hill, Whitewater, UK, and Chris Short, Water Quality Consultant, UK, will both receive the Greene Medal. Hill is a long-standing member of the Institution, and has devoted time to supporting and promoting its activities. In addition, Short has consistently promoted the values and professional standards of IChemE through training activities and representation at external events.

Barry Weightman, KBR, UK, and Chair of IChemE’s Professional Formation Forum (PFF), has been awarded the Davidson Medal for his continuous commitment towards his duties and mentoring.

Dyllon Randall, University of Cape Town, South Africa, will receive the Warner Prize this year for his work in sustainable chemical engineering.

John Challenger has won the Greene Medal in recognition of contributing for more than 30 years to the development and success of the IChemE Forms of Contract.

Asel Sartbaeva, University of Bath, UK, is the recipient of the Hanson Medal, for her work: Vaccines: The End of the Cold War?, which was featured in The Chemical Engineer in March 2018.

The full list of medal and prize winners is available here: https://bit.ly/2TTHWs4. The winners will be presented their awards later in the year.

Article by Adam Duckett

Editor, The Chemical Engineer

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