Cyber Security in the Asian Process Industry

Article by Alexander Horch

Every production process has inherent risks. Cyber criminality is now one of these risks. To achieve the greatest possible degree of safety and security in production processes, it is extremely important for enterprises in the process industry to implement effective separation of their process control and safety systems, as required by standards for functional safety and cyber security. After all, there is a lot at stake: the safety of employees, assets of the company and the environment.

 Asia is the manufacturing factory of the world. Plus, because of all the incoming investment and the establishment of high value manufacturing operations by multi-national corporations, the advent of the Industrial Internet of Things in Asia is gaining ground. More businesses in the industrial sectors are leveraging the technology of digitalisation for their manufacturing processes. Indeed, as manufacturing and trading volumes rise, cross-border digital data transfer is increasing. There is no doubt that technology brings progress but on the other hand, there are also serious security concerns arising from the fact that as Asia becomes more connected digitally, it is becoming more open to cyber-attack.

Article by Alexander Horch

Head of the R&D and product management business area at safety specialist HIMA Paul Hildebrandt

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