IChemE’s New Major Hazards Management Agenda

Article by Margaret Donnan AFIChemE

IChemE groups will speak with one voice, says Margaret Donnan

ICHEME has a long and proud history of always displaying leadership and commitment to advancing process safety. For example:

  • The Safety and Loss Prevention Special Interest Group (SIG) has provided an active network over many decades for those interested in safety.
  • In 1960, the (then) North West Branch of IChemE first held a symposium on ways of controlling hazards – thus starting the world-leading Hazards Conference.
  • IChemE runs process safety training programmes that are respected internationally, and our Professional Process Safety Engineer was the first recognition of its kind for process safety professionals and continues to grow year on year.
  • In 2014, the Board of Trustees established the IChemE Safety Centre (ISC), bringing together the companies that work within the major hazard industries, as well as regulators and universities that educate our engineers. ISC focuses on bringing organisations together to share and learn in process safety management.

Major hazards management has been a critical part of IChemE’s learned society activities for many years, and last year the Learned Society Committee made major hazards management one of its three priority topics. Major hazards management, including process safety, is important in all fields of chemical engineering, affecting process industries and other sectors, and impacting every IChemE member.

Article by Margaret Donnan AFIChemE

Chair, IChemE Major Hazards Committee

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