Webinar: Designing effective emission abatement systems

Article by Adam Duckett

ON 28 April, The Chemical Engineer hosted a webinar about using data analytics to design the most cost-effective emissions abatement system. A recording of this webinar is now available to stream at the link below.

Engineers working across sectors are invited to join Alexander Kusenberg and Linus Kusenberg from Kühltechnik, and Jon Trembley from Air Products, to discuss the importance of using process data to develop a future-proof volatile organic compound recovery system for industrial use.

Alexander Kusenberg says companies need an abatement system but often do not know key details such as flow rates, compositions or temperatures. He says that typically, the longest time spent on establishing the right design is not in designing the system itself but defining key parameters such as the process gas flow rate.

“If it’s not done correctly, you spend an awful lot of time troubleshooting and re-engineering – if you do not do that homework right,” he says.

Commenting on what engineers will learn by attending the webinar, Trembley says: “An appreciation of what the challenges are ahead.”

“A lot of chemical engineers are challenged that ‘We need to improve our environmental performance’. Or they face specific challenges but don’t really know how to start. So this will give them that background appreciation and what questions to ask.”

Watch a recording of this webinar here: https://www.thechemicalengineer.com/cpd/webinars/using-data-analytics-to-design-the-most-cost-effective-emission-abatement-system-sponsored-by-air-products-herco/ 

Article by Adam Duckett

Editor, The Chemical Engineer

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