Hazards 33: Helping Turn Good Practice into Common Practice

Article by Eamon Chandler

Eamon Chandler, chair of the Hazards 33 conference technical committee, previews the key themes that safety experts will be discussing this year

WITH process safety experts and risk management practitioners set to gather for IChemE’s annual Hazards conference in November, we caught up with Eamon Chandler, chair of its technical committee to ask what attendees can expect from this year’s event.

What is the theme or focus of the conference this year?

“Firstly, we want to help those attending the conference address the consistent challenges of turning good practices into common practices, and developing the leadership required to successfully manage major hazard processes. Continuing these journeys and improving industry capability is so important. Secondly, we want to encourage discussions about contemporary issues including climate change and its impact on process industries, the challenges of decarbonisation, the energy transition, the impact and lessons from the pandemic, and the opportunities of digitalisation and big data. The quicker we learn how to address new challenges, the quicker we get the right focus on new major hazard issues.”

Article by Eamon Chandler

Chair of the Hazards 33 conference technical committee

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