Successful UK trial blends hydrogen in gas network

Article by Amanda Doyle

HYDEPLOY has announced the first successful UK trial of blending hydrogen into the gas network.

The trial took place at Keele University, where 100 homes and 30 university buildings on a private gas network received blended gas. The HyDeploy trial lasted for an 18-month period which ended earlier this year.

Gas safety checks were carried out in the buildings using the blended gas. The customers didn’t need to make any changes to appliances.

Trevor McMillan, Vice Chancellor of Keele University said: “We’re delighted that Keele University has been able to play a crucial role in blending hydrogen into the natural gas network. HyDeploy has been a perfect fit for Keele University’s sustainability ambitions as an institution [and] we are proud to have been able to use our campus and involve our staff and residents in this landmark project.”

The successful trial has paved the way for a larger trial at Winlaton, Tyne and Wear, where blended gas has been supplied to 668 houses, a school, and some small businesses since early August.

Steve Fraser, Chief Executive of Cadent, a partner in HyDeploy, said: “HyDeploy is a ground-breaking collaboration and has demonstrated very clearly that consumers can safely receive up to 20% hydrogen blended with natural gas, without the need to make any changes to their existing appliances. With 8 in 10 of our homes in the UK heated by natural gas, it is an energy we are familiar with. Adopting hydrogen blending across the gas networks would save carbon emissions equivalent to removing 2.5m cars from our roads – a huge step towards net zero.”


Article by Amanda Doyle

Staff Reporter, The Chemical Engineer

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