IChemE deputy president decides not to proceed to become 2019 president

Article by Amanda Doyle

IChemE deputy president Andrew Thompson has decided not to proceed to become president in 2019. The decision has been accepted by the president and Board of Trustees.

Thompson stated in a letter to IChemE president Ken Rivers that owing to a combination of professional and domestic circumstances, it was no longer in his own interest or that of the Institution for him to proceed in to the role. The Board of Trustees has said that it respects Thompson’s decision and is greatly encouraged by his commitment to work for the Institution during his time as deputy president. For the remainder of his term Thompson will provide a link between the Board of Trustees and the newly elected Congress, support the Strategy 2022 roll out by the Board of Trustees, and continue in his role as the chair of the newly formed Communications Committee.

Andrew Thompson said: “Since the AGM, I have come to understand that many of the ideas, ambitions and concepts that we had as members on the ‘outside’ (remote from the trustees) had requested, are already in motion and meet with many of our expectations. This is hugely encouraging and while there is still much to do, the direction of travel is excellent and the speed of change appropriate to an institution of our standing. The Institution is in good hands, and in better shape than was apparent to the wider membership at the time of my appointment.”

Ken Rivers said: “Andrew is clearly a great believer in IChemE as the institution supporter for all chemical engineers around the world. He really is a members’ champion. This is an authentic and brave decision and many would have not have had Andrew’s self-awareness to put the Institution first. I admire this greatly. I have no doubt he will be a very strong institutional supporter and reformer for many years to come. I sincerely hope so.” “

The process of electing a new president will be confirmed by the Board of Trustees following its meeting on 17 January.

Article by Amanda Doyle

Staff Reporter, The Chemical Engineer

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