Engineering Council issues fresh guidance on sustainability

Article by Adam Duckett

SUSTAINABILITY guidance for engineering professionals has been issued by the Engineering Council, the regulatory body for the UK engineering profession.

The guidance, which is reviewed and revised periodically, includes the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, clarifies its definition of sustainable development, and emphasises the importance of engineers taking a proactive role. This latest edition highlights the importance of designing in sustainability from the start, emphasises the inter-connectedness of environmental challenges and solutions, the role of regeneration and restoration, and consideration of the whole lifecycle – including safe disposal.

It sets out six principles to guide engineering professionals in integrating understanding of the environment and sustainability into all aspects of their work:

  • Contribute to building a sustainable society, present and future.
  • Apply professional and responsible judgement and take a leadership role on sustainability.
  • Do more than just comply with legislation and codes: be prepared to challenge the status quo.
  • Use resources efficiently and effectively.
  • Seek multiple views to solve sustainability challenges.
  • Manage risk to minimise adverse impact and maximise benefit to people and the environment.

This article is adapted from an earlier online version.

Article by Adam Duckett

Editor, The Chemical Engineer

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