Webinar: Robust Design Optimisation of a Multistage Compressor for Surge Avoidance

Article by Adam Duckett

ON 13 January, The Chemical Engineer hosted a webinar to discuss how simulation software can be used by engineers to save time optimising processes. A recording of this webinar is now available to stream at the link below.

Engineers working across sectors are invited to join Andrea Macri of AVEVA and Simone Genovese of ESTECO. They will explain how their integrated software can complete a multi-objective optimisation of a dynamic process, ensuring stable and robust operation at low cost while saving hours of computational time.

Macri says: “One of the points we will tackle during the presentation is the fact that we can run hundreds of parallel executions of the same type of design to see the optimal result and this can be done through the cloud. So engineers can complete a design much faster, and save a lot of days in the execution and the cost of their overall project.”

“In the past these optimisations would have required a lot of manual intervention to modify parameters. Now we can completely automate…and engineers can use their time to better analyse the process itself and find the really good design.”

The presenters will demonstrate the optimisation of compressor systems.

“We have an example of a basic type of process but it can be applied to anything from small equipment to a full plant,” Macri says.

Genovese adds: “Anyone joining this presentation can learn how these technologies can be applied in their environment.”

Watch a recording of this webinar here: https://www.thechemicalengineer.com/cpd/webinars/robust-design-optimization-of-a-multistage-compressor-for-surge-avoidance-sponsored-by-aveva/ 

Article by Adam Duckett

Editor, The Chemical Engineer

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