Millennials Teach Baby Boomers a Lesson

Article by Iain Crosley

REVERSE mentoring pairs older workers with younger ones, to educate one another on how fresh ways of thinking can help develop both hard and soft skills in the workplace. Increasingly seen as using the millennials to mentor the baby boomers, this reversal trend is acknowledged as an opportunity to develop personnel and bridge the generational skills gap whilst encouraging the fresh thinking needed to help businesses succeed.

Although most companies do recognise the importance of plugging the skills gap with a sound training infrastructure and some traditional mentoring, simply providing training for young people may deliver only limited returns.

At Hosokawa Micron, reverse mentoring has become a significant training and business development strategy that is paying off. Mentors and mentees of all ages are enthusiastic about what they are learning, building a tangible mutual respect and a new level of cooperation that encourages ideas sharing and innovation which has spread through the company.

Article by Iain Crosley

Managing director, Hosokawa Micron

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