Fight corrosion with simulation

Article by COMSOL

Join COMSOL on 21 October for a free event on corrosion and electrodeposition

CORROSION is an age-old problem that is now being effectively contained and prevented due to the advent of simulating the participating electrochemical reactions that occur and transport processes that affect them. The same principles can be used to simulate, design and optimise industrial electrodeposition processes.

Chemical and process engineers are invited to join us on 21 October for COMSOL Day: Corrosion & Electrodeposition where we will introduce you to new strategies for fighting corrosion. At this free online event, you will hear from four fantastic industry speakers and COMSOL technical staff on the benefits of using simulation for fighting corrosion and augmenting electrodeposition applications through mathematical modelling.

Invited speakers include Harald Osvoll of FORCE Technology Norway AS, a recognised authority in offshore cathodic protection; Patrick Namy, founder and CEO of SIMTEC, a consultancy focused on numerical modelling; Tommy Zavalis, a chemical engineer at the RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, whose research focuses on simulations and mathematical modelling of corrosion; and Thorsten Eichler of CORR-LESS Isecke & Eichler Consulting company, who is an expert in corrosion and corrosion-protection of reinforced concrete, underground installations and offshore constructions.

Learn more and register for free here:

Article by COMSOL

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