Shell to use BASF adsorption technology for CCS

Article by Amanda Jasi

AS both companies work to accelerate to a net zero emissions world, Shell has now added BASF’s Sorbead adsorption technology to its portfolio for pre- and post-combustion carbon capture and storage (CCS) applications.

BASF’s Sorbeads are highly efficient aluminosilicate gels in the forms of hard, spherical beads that offer an environmentally friendly solution for dehydrating CO2 before pipeline transport and underground storage. The companies jointly evaluated, de-risked, and deployed the technology for CCS applications.

It will be used to dehydrate CO2 gas after capture using Shell’s technologies, such as ADIP Ultra or CANSOLV. Removing water from CO2 gas streams is important, as its presence can lead to issues in the pipeline such as freezing, corrosion through formation of acidic impurities, and formation of hydrates, complex solid compounds.

Sorbead technology offers several advantages for CCS, including acid resistance, high water capacity, and the ability to regenerate at lower temperature compared to alumina or molecular sieve alternatives. It also ensures that treated gas is free from glycol and will meet stringent pipeline and underground storage specifications. Glycol-based dehydration is competitive with adsorption, but it can contaminate CO2 streams and cause issues such as pump seal damage. Glycol specifications are in place to prevent these issues.

Compared to molecular sieve technology, Sorbead offers reliability, ease of operation, and reduced operational costs. The technology also offers a long life, operational turndown flexibility, and immediate on-spec gas startup.

Shell has added the technology to its portfolio in numerous CCS projects around the world to achieve Powering Progress, which sets out the company’s plan for accelerating towards net zero.

Lori Motherwell, General Manager of Gas Processing Technology at Shell, said: “The cost-effective and efficient removal of water from CO2 is essential for the success of carbon capture and storage and BASF Sorbead technology provides an effective solution. Shell is pleased that the technology is now available for use within the company as well as by the support BASF will provide in implementing the technology for specific cases.”

Article by Amanda Jasi

Staff Reporter, The Chemical Engineer

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