IChemE’s partnership with SAIChE ends

Article by Staff Writer

THE South African Institution of Chemical Engineers (SAIChE) has advised IChemE it no longer wishes to become an IChemE Branch and so will cease to offer dual membership to its members.

In 2014, an agreement was signed that additionally offered SAIChE members IChemE membership at a heavily discounted price. IChemE has traditionally offered discounted membership rates in developing countries as a part of its charitable outreach. However, the price offered to SAIChE members was below cost and was therefore inequitable to IChemE members in other parts of the world.

Since October 2017, SAIChE has been working with IChemE to address these issues and has contributed to IChemE’s work to standardise how it forms and operates national boards and members groups.

In 2019, as a part of its business architecture review, IChemE set out a plan that would allow SAIChE members to continue their IChemE membership at the standard international discount rate. The revised approach would ensure fairness to members in other regions of the world.

As an Institution embracing technology to support its geographically diverse membership, IChemE says members in South Africa will continue to have access to its ever-increasing digital resources including The Chemical Engineer magazine, the Knowledge Hub and professional registrations. There are, however, SAIChE-only members group events that will no longer be accessible as part of IChemE membership.

IChemE CEO Jon Prichard said: “I would like to thank those from both SAIChE and IChemE that have engaged in a transition process that we had all hoped would create a more connected international community. Unfortunately, we have not been able to develop a model that works for both parties. However, it is paramount that as we go forward, IChemE ensures it has an equitable and sustainable approach to its operations, wherever members access them from.”

For more information visit www.icheme.org/south-africa-update

Article by Staff Writer

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