EnergyX partners with ProfMOF to improve lithium extraction technology

Article by Amanda Doyle

ENERGY Exploration Technologies (EnergyX) has announced a partnership with ProfMOF to further enhance technology for reducing the impact of lithium mining.

EnergyX has developed a process to use metal organic frameworks (MOF) membranes to extract lithium from brines, which is more environmentally friendly than conventional methods, as well as being faster and more efficient. ProfMOF was founded nearly two decades ago and has extensive experience in MOF R&D.

Teague Egan, CEO of EnergyX, said: “By creating more lithium and energy storage, thus reducing the intermittency of renewable power, we can have a great impact. This partnership between EnergyX and ProfMOF showcases how global cooperation between sectors is needed in order to find workable environmentally-friendly solutions that will benefit future generations. We are very excited to work together with ProfMOF to develop MOF technology and be a part of the global push towards building a cleaner, more efficient future.”

Einar Eiltersen, CEO of ProfMOF, said: “ProfMOF has always sought to create lasting partnerships with companies we believe can use MOF technology to be difference-makers. MOFs could truly help revolutionise how industries operate, and we are glad to know that EnergyX shares our vision. This partnership will bridge academia with technology, innovation, and energy in a way that highlights the versatility of MOF technology and its potential as a world-changer.”

Article by Amanda Doyle

Staff Reporter, The Chemical Engineer

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