Solvay to build hydrogen peroxide unit in Brazil

Article by Staff Writer

BELGIAN chemical company Solvay has agreed with Brazilian paper maker Suzano Papel e Celulose to build a small dedicated hydrogen peroxide production unit at Suzano's pulp mill in Imperatriz, Brazil.

This will be the first project to use Solvay’s myH2O2 peroxide technology, which was developed for installation in remote sites. This unit will use Suzano's hydrogen feedstock, utilities and site services and supply all of the site's hydrogen peroxide needs for pulp bleaching. It will be remotely controlled by satellite from Solvay's peroxides plant in Curitiba.

The technology is suited for sites with a local source of hydrogen and the ability to use dilute product (20% concentration), used in the reduction of anthraquinone, to form anthrahydroquinone, which is hydrogenated with oxygen on a platinum catalyst to reform anthraquinone and produce hydrogen peroxide.

Solvay says some sites may be feasible for additional processes such as hydrogen steam reforming, and concentration or distillation, for regional distribution beyond the site; or for applications requiring concentrated product.

It also says myH2O2 units have production capacities ranging from 5,000–20,000 t/y, and have a low environmental footprint as they reduce shipping requirements of H2O2 and re-use the hydrogen already available from other production processes on site.

Walter Schalka, CEO of Suzano, said: “We believe that this technology will help us to be more competitive and efficient, as it will allow us to reduce costs in the purchase of an important input that we bought from another state. The forecast volume includes our increased capacity, which will be implemented in 2017.”

Solvay is currently in discussion with other customers to implement its myH2O2 plants in remote sites around the world.

Article by Staff Writer

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