Do you face scientific, engineering or business challenges that can’t be solved by an appeal to expert judgement, simple spreadsheet analysis, or by varying only one thing at a time? Do you seem to have more problems than time available to solve them? Are you forced to regularly cut corners, limiting your understanding of the real drivers of process robustness, effectiveness and efficiency? Does the need to fix problems with existing processes limit the time you can spend on innovating and developing new processes and products? 

JMP's Robert Anderson explains how Design of Experiments can be used to gain the necessary insights to fix such issues quickly and permanently, giving your organisation a competitive edge and the ability to successfully innovate for future growth. 

Sometimes you may not already have the appropriate data to solve a problem – you may have collected data for a different purpose so it is not directly relevant, or key variables may have been varied in the same way at the same time. Sometimes the processes you are investigating are so new there is limited prior data available. Learn how data mining techniques can be used in conjunction with Design of Experiments to define the most cost-effective experiment to solve a problem quickly and simply. 

A real-world case study will be used to illustrate best practices and recent advances in Design of Experiments (DOE) and show how you can identify the optimum and robust operating conditions for any process.

13th June 2017

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