Advanced usage of data is a key element in the execution of BASF's digitalisation strategy. During this webcast, Elie Maricau will use an example project to illustrate some of the key challenges and opportunities when building a data driven organisation.

The use case starts from a situation where different operators in a production plant optimise the yield of an installation as well as possible. Actions are typically based on the data and knowledge that each of them collects individually. In many cases, however, operators use slightly different data, interpret the data in a different way or are not aware of data quality issues. As a result, the overall yield of the installation varies and is not always optimal.

To align the way of working across different operators and to constantly run at maximum yield, a cross-functional project team including plant operations, product technology and a data analytics experts was set up. The team analysed historical data and evaluated both the quality of the data as well as the information hidden within. As a result, all of the plant operators now take aligned decisions based on information resulting from the same, high quality data. This results in a significantly improved yield. During the webcast, the speaker will illustrate how data can be a means to unite different stakeholders, enabling the setup of an aligned strategy on how to operate the plant in the best possible way.

18th June 2019

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