Data in industry is coming in larger quantities, more frequently and from more sources all the time. Engineers and scientists tell us that they are not able to make good use of this data because of a lack of tools, skills or time. This can lead to poor communication, poor teamwork, wrong decisions and resources wasted due to inefficient reporting.

Customised reporting dashboards and analytic applications can dramatically reduce time spent working with data. When done right, these become essential tools for scientists, engineers and anyone needing to quickly access and communicate key information. The results are that teamwork is improved, the right actions are taken to fix problems faster, and there is more time and resource for improvement and innovation.

Somaieh Mohammadi, Fujifilm Diosynth, and Phil Kay, SAS JMP, will show you examples of custom self-serve analytic solutions that utilise the powerful combination of visualisation and statistics. This will include an example of a guided analysis workflow for a GMP environment.

26th August 2017

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