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Lessons relearned

Overfilling vessels

The aim of this ongoing series is to revisit the safety lessons we should have learned as we seek to prevent similar accidents from being repeated. Experts offer practical guidance on how these lessons can be shared interactively between management, supervisors and those directly involved in the job or process.

Slips, trips, and falls

Slips, trips and falls

Despite a great deal of effort and investment, the number of major accidents caused by simply ‘moving around’ remain largely uchanged, Tony Fishwick reports

Inadequate isolations

Inadequate isolations

Geoff Gill looks at accidents caused by poor isolation and says prevention depends on all of the work force from operators to executives

Overfilling vessels

Pembroke '94, Buncefield '05, and Texas City '05: Peter Waite looks back at incidents caused by overfilling vessels and calls for operators to be more closely involved in design 

Confined spaces

Tony Fishwick examines the dangers of working in confined spaces and how supervisors can share lessons with their staff to raise awareness about this repeated killer


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