Sunday 20 August 2017 - The Chemical Engineer... news and jobs from the chemical, biochemical and process engineering sectors


Now you can read The Chemical Engineer wherever you are with your smartphone or tablet device*. 

Our app 'IChemE The Chemical Engineer' has now launched and is FREE for you to download as part of your membership. It will enable you to:

  • view the digimag both online and offline
  • search the digimag archive
  • look at the latest news feeds from The Chemical Engineer and IChemE
  • browse the latest jobs
  • view a list of IChemE training courses


A key feature is that you can download issues and articles for viewing offline, so The Chemical Engineer will be available to you on the move at all times.   

*available for download on  iOS, Android and Kindle Fire.

How to download

Simply search ‘icheme’ on the App Store, the Google Play Store or the Amazon Store. Our app should be the first result shown. Or, click on the links below.

App - app store     App- Google Play      App - Kindle Fire


IChemE Members

Members can download the app for FREE as part of their membership benefits.

To log in to the app simply go to the subscriptions tab and put in your email address and membership number. This will allow you to view and save issues of the digimag for offline viewing.

Please ensure the email address you use matched the one that we have as your preferred device on our database.

Non Members

Free trial: non members can access the app for free for a period of 14 days. 

Following that, if you wish to take up a subscription, the following rates will apply:

1 month subscription: £7.99
3 month subscription: £14.99
6 month subscription: £27.99
12 month subscription: £49.99

Note. iOS customers will be promted to subscribe should they wish. Android customers, due to the way this platform works, will be automatically subscribed after the 14 day free period unless you actively unsubscribe. 

Find out about becoming a member

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